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Incense plays an important role in Vietnamese life as it is considered as a sacred bridge to connect the visible life of human beings and the world of heaven, earth and gods. Making incense has been a traditional job in Vietnam for thousand of years.

  National Geographic Your Shot – Oct 27, 2016

  National Geographic Photo Of the Day – Dec 3, 2016

  National Geographic Magazine – June 2017

  Winner in Smithsonian Annual Photography Contest 2018

In the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam, a striking image captured by a National Geographic Vietnamese photographer Tran Tuan Viet graces the pages of the renowned magazine, offering a poignant glimpse into the life of a female farmer. The photograph transports viewers to the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of Vietnam, where tradition and daily life converge. The composition skillfully captures the symbiosis between the female farmer and the land she tends to. The undulating fields, a patchwork of green hues, extend to the horizon, reflecting the harmony between nature and the toil of those who cultivate it. The photograph becomes a visual ode to the resilience and grace of Vietnamese women, often the unsung heroes of rural life.

The focal point of the image is a resilient female farmer, her weathered hands deftly collecting bundles of incense sticks. Dressed in traditional Vietnamese attire, she embodies the timeless spirit of hard work and dedication that characterizes the country’s agricultural communities. Her conical hat shields her from the sun, creating a silhouette against the backdrop of the verdant fields. The play of light and shadow in the photograph adds depth to the narrative, accentuating the contours of the incense sticks and casting an ethereal glow on the scene. Each bundle she cradles represents not just a harvest, but a connection to centuries-old practices deeply ingrained in Vietnamese culture.

Published in National Geographic, this photograph transcends its status as a mere image, serving as a portal into the soul of Vietnam. It invites readers to contemplate the intricate dance between tradition and progress, encapsulating the essence of a nation through the lens of a single, powerful moment in time.


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